How to break link between Mobile and Aadhaar

How to break link between Mobile and Aadhaar

Right now everyone focusing on telecom companies as Supreme Court issued ordinance to reconsider the mobile connections issued on the details given in. The Telecom segment instructed in 2014 to telecom companies to register and in 2016 E-kyc along with Aadhaar to issue new connections. Now it demands telecom companies to delete the Aadhaar details from the data.

Now costumers what to do in this background.

Costumers should apply to break the link and should provide other certification documents within 6 months. It is going to be heavy on telecom companies as well.

To get a mobile connection generally have to fill customer acquisition form and attest the photo and personal address and duplicates of certification documents should be given to telecom companies. For issuing connections companies should verify the information and if any others are using the same documents to get connections after that proper verification then telecom companies should call the customer to verify the inform4 and then issues the connection and activates the sim. For this minimum 3 to 4 days takes. Telecom companies have to bear the expenses. In 2014 telecom companies have been instructed to register the Aadhaar details of customers to avoid duplicate connections. Next in 2016 through E-kyc linked Aadhaar sim active facility came. Then they included article to collect thumb impressions through instruments certified by UIDAI. From then it is become easiest and less cost to telecom companies to issue new connections.

What happens now?

The telecom companies should produce plans to delete the details of subscribers who become subscribers through Aadhaar linked E-KYC. Companies should give information to customers. Should create new E-kyc and attach the documents. The telecom company officials expecting that they provide electronic methods soon to avoid delay in issuing new connections.

Now what to do current subscribers?

Fill New E-kyc and photo along with personal – resident address proof documents produce them within 6 months. The industrial categories stating that if customers do not produce the proofs the connections may get cancelled.

Now the companies should not ask Aadhaar but ask other proofs.

Other allowed certification documents:-

Pass port, Driving license, weapons license, voter card, ration card with photo, government companies certificate / MLA / Group A gegitted officer certified letter with photo, government recognized educational institute certified letter, village panchayat official certification, pan card, credit card with photo, bank/post office pass book, Indian government – postal department issued address card etc.

On the other hand government clarified that mobile number’s issued through Aadhaar identification will not be stopped. The news rumouredin social media is fake. There are not such acts as declared by telecommunication segment and UIDIA.


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