What is health calendar? Why it needed?

What is health calendar? Why it needed?

Health calendar

Everyone dreams for their better future. Some for jobs, some for development in business and some for better education etc.

But what about good health?

What is the use of all these successes if you don’t have good health?

Like money health is also previous, and like money comes after hard work diseases also not come easy. Those are also earned by us. Wonder? Yes, nobody wishes to get diseased. Then think once what you eat, you do, daily? We know it is good to exercise daily, but how many of you are performing? We know the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables a lot but how many of you following this? We know to curb the use of fats and meat but how many of us fallow this?

These are the questions that we must question ourselves while entering in new year leaving old days, and old experiences? It is an immediate need as WHO and many of scientists and explorers Warn about the deadly diseases like, diabetes, heart diseases, cancers causing more deaths now a days.

May be some disease are caused by their genes, but the surroundings, atmosphere, the food habits, are added the danger of diseases’ by do thing small changes we can knock down the base of diseases.

What are the changes that we should inculcate in our daily life?

  • Right from morning start with water: Drink water about one or two glasses early morning yo refill the water percentage that we lost during our sleep. By this the body could gain energy and mind gets refresh. It will enhance the release if toxins and keep away constipation.
  • Brush your teeth daily twice to prevent many diseases like heart, gums, and breast cancers in women. So, brush teeth before going to bed also.
  • Breakfast is a must as body organs gets energy and spend calories in daily courses. It enhances memory, concentration and even to get rid of bad cholesterol. Reduces blood pressure. And controls over weight.
  • Timely Food: Take lunch and dinners daily at the same time. According to the study the ratio of blood pressure and body height and wright is less. In irregular food habits cartijole hormone will release and increases stress. Eat with family as it increases relations good.
  • Consume more fruits: The vitamins, nutrients, especially antioxidants protect us from many diseases.
  • Visit your siblings and friends s houses regularly as experts stating that the secrete of our happiness, and long live is to spend time with our beloved ones. As it gives confidence.
  • Read any good book before bed as it provides good sleep rather than mobiles and computers. Book reading promotes deep sleep. The blue light emitted by the digital instruments causes damage of brain working.
  • Cultivate habit of hand writing as it connects various parts of brain. Brain will respond actively for new matters. New connections happen between cells of nerves which enhance memory.
  • Yoga: By yoga the body improves its efficiency. Vegas nerve will be strengthened by Yoga. Reduces blood pressure, Improves mental peace, and resistance to diseases. Gets relief from stress.
  • Home Food: According to a survey among the eaters of outside food and inside food, the inside food consumers are living 10 more long years. Outside food is rich in fats, oils, salts, sugars, causing cancers.
  • Wash hands before cooking and eating properly to prevent diseases caused by contaminated food. By washing hands thoroughly, we can prevent many diseases.
  • Eat nuts as they provide unsaturated fats which prevents cholesterol and swelling process in body. As a result, reduces the dangers of cancers and heart diseases.
  • Go for sight seeing to. Get rid of monotony of daily routine.
  • Triglycerides may increase by continuous sitting resulting paralysis, heart attack
    Walking strengthens muscles in stomach and back and legs. Reduces back pain.
  • Allow free light and air in to the house as t cleans the sir inside the rooms Clean sir provides good results more than effective antibiotics. The hydroxide radicalizes fighting against the microbes.
  • Fasting once in while is good ad it regulates the weight and tolerance to insulin. Reduces blood pressure, the speed of heart beat, and cholesterol levels. Increases life span.and keep away Algimers and Parkinson diseases.
  • See that you should focus in sun light ad by this you can get D vitamin without any investment. Vitamin D increases resistance and helps the body cells to absorb insulin. And regulates cell division and reduces cancer dangers. Gets relief from body pains and strain.
  • Cook food in iron vessels ad it provides iron to body.


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