The value of an Individual

The value of an Individual

A life Morale

Once a man wants to know the real value of himself. He went to God and asked the same. God gave him a stone and asked to find out the real value of that stone, and strictly asked him to not to sale the stone.

  • The man went to a fruit vendor and asked him the value of the stone.
  • The fruit vendor “I will give five fruits for this stone if you want to sell this stone.
  • The man went as god summoned to know the value of the stone but not to sell it.
  • Then he went to vegetable vendor showed the stone and asked the value of it.
  • The vegetable vendor “I will give ten kilos of vegetables for this stone if u want to sell it
    But the man only asked to know the value by the god so he went.
  • Then he went to a gold merchant and asked the value of the stone.
  • The gold merchant “I will give fifty lakhs for this stone “.
  • When the man is moving, knowing how valuable the stone. The merchant again offered 4 cores for the same.
  • The man felt greedy, But ass god strictly warned to not to sell the stone he went away.
  • Then he went to a diamond merchant and asked the price of the stone.
  • The diamond merchant thoroughly examined the stone and asked,” from where you got this stone? I can’t buy this even though I sell my all property. My all properties are not sufficient to buy this stone.
  • On listening the man felt speechless.

He came back to God.

Then God said, “You asked about the value of yourself? Did you observed the price offered by the fruit vendor, vegetable vendor, and gold merchant for this stone?

But that diamond merchant, who actually knows the value of this diamond said, that it is priceless.

“You also like that, a precious person, but human values others according to their status, they value about the way you are useful to them, that is their status. But I only knows about your real value, you are a treasure that cannot be valued. So leave all baseless waste thoughts and try to live a life which is useful and fruitful to you and to the people around you, said God.


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