Shyamala eliminated from Bigg Boss 2 House

Shyamala eliminated from Bigg Boss 2 House

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu 13th week Sunday Episode Highlights/Elimination

In Sunday episode not much happened except Shyamala elimination to much wonder of audience. All expected that Amit will be get eliminated. But as like Bigg Boss sub caption anything can happens in Bigg Boss house. As the show reaching to its final it going losing its charm and Nani’s anchoring becoming monotonous. The organizers tried to entertain the audience by bringing actors Sunil and Allari Naresh in to the house to bring some entertainment.

Nani created a situation dividing the house mates into two groups headed by Sunil and Allari naresh each, and a dispute of 5oo crores property and he himself is judging to hear the argument sitting in pedda rayudu chair. And the two groups put their argument before him. Later he said to the house mates to talk with film dialogues.

Later Nani gave his judgement as peddarayudu in Asta chemma style. Later housemates bid bye to Sunil and Allari Naresh.

Next fallowed the elimination Fist nani declared Deepthi in safe zone Deepthi payed thanks to audience. Later Nani declared Kaushal in protected zone. Shyamala talked to Geetha and Tanish and dropped big bomb on Roll rida. According to big bomb Roll Rida has to serve to the housemate’s full week.


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