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NTR Kathanayakudu Movie Review

Kathanayakudu is a biopic on the legend NTR who is popularly called anna by his fans and admirers. He was one of the biggest icons of the country. People worshipped him as an actor and fantasized the idols of lord in him.After winning the hearts of people as an actor he entered in to politics to woe the hearts of people and he did it .He stood as an example to a best ruler with his exquisite policies he adopted to uplift the living standards of the poor.

Kadhanayaku is the journey of NTR to becoming a cinema icon and there to how and what made him to turn as a political figure Coming to the star cast, NTR’ son Balakrishna played his father’s role and certainly got the credits as he pulled the charecter with an ease. He perfectly portrayed his father in all angles weather it is his mannerism his posture, style and walk in every aspect he took the credit with grace. IN other words, can say this is the best performance ever he did. He rather suited to aged NTR than a younger version. Overall, he left a charismatic mark.

Next comes to director Krish, all credits go to him ad he tried to narrate a life history he gone genuinely. He never tried to dramatize and portrayed the real-life incidents. As the life history of NTR is an open book there is no scope for creativity. So Krish sticked to picturise the reality of his life.

Though it made him little difficult to make people to engage .To that he tried to elevate the thick relationship and emotional bond between NTR and his wife Basavatarakam ,played by Vaidya balan she started the movie with her showing her illness .The first half tells how he is unsatisfied by his sub-registrar as he find corruption and non- cooperative employs and decided to leave the job and move to film industry and his struggle to stand in the industry. There they relived the most populared scenes from famous movies like gundammakadha, adaviraamufu, vetagaadu, Daana veera sura karna, lord Krishna in Mayabazaar ect, drawing audience in to the spell once again and Balakrishna carried these characters with grace and pois. The other supporting characters done by Nithya Menon, hansika rakulpreet, Sheya,.etc. Well played. ANR character played by Sumanth the best suited. He pulled it very effectively and the bond between the two brothers (Both NTR & ANT) showed well.

Coming yo Vidya balan as Badavatarakam wife of NTR, she performed her role in that way that nobody other than her suited and do justice to the charecter. The sole credits go to her.
The second half starts to dhow his political entry starting from collecting funds to diviseema victims. From hear the movie becomes serious and scenes present neatly with emotion. And finally the first part of the biopic of The great epitome will ends with his launch of his own political party Telugudesam.

The movie altogether is a satisfactory one time watch as it purely denotes the real-life events and struggle of the Kathanayakudu to Mahanayakudu.

Coming to music Keeravaani gave the situational songs well and apt and stood best. The dialogues given by Sai Madhav are marvellous.

Now waiting for the second part.


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