Rajinikanth’s Robo 2.0 Movie Review 2018-19

Rajinikanth's Robo 2.0 Movie Review 2018-19

Robo 2.0 Movie Review 2018-19

Film Rating :-3.75/5

Starring:- Rajnikanth, Akshay kumar, Amy jackson
Producer:-A. Subaskaran
Music:-A R Rehman
Cinematography:-Nirav Shah
Editor:- Anthony

After the historic release of Baahubali 2 The Rajinikanth and Akshay kumar starred movie 2.0 created a hype before its release. With its highest budget of 550 crores titled ever costliest in indian cinemas with its VFX and extravagant visual effects made in complete 3D and skyfy thriller hit the screens today bagging high collections in first day crossing the records of Bahubali. Both the main leads in this film gained good reputation for their performance in this movie..

Coming to the story in Chennai disappearing of the cell phones and murder mystery of cell phone company owners. The government approaches Vasikaran to bring back Chitti Robo to whom he dismantled in Robo. But it fails to deal with Pakshi raaju (Akshay kumar). Do his personal robot Vennela which is a humanoid creates another version 2.0 to destroy Pakshi raju Director Shankar created really a different and launched a spectacular wonder which underlying a social message. The magnanimity of this big extrapolate dipicts thruogh its wonder visuals Rajanikanth with his extravagant performance amazes the audience with his unique mannerisms in 2.0 Robo. But here all applause hoes to Akshay Kumar as Pakshi Raaju as an antagonist but the cause of his fight felt genuine by the audience. He elevated his character with grace and bags all applause more than rajnikanth. In other words even though the movie is of Rajni but Akshay steals the show. The mannerisms, graphics, markups and the fighting with 2.0 are extortionate.

Amy Jackson is more suited to the role as her facial cuts and body more amicable for a humanoid.

The Rajikanth’s die heart fans may little bit disappoint as the film was stolen by Akshay. And the Robo 2.0 comes on screens half an hour before the show ends to much patience of audience. And the show starts on a serious trend and through out the film it continued like that not much room for entertainment and songs and comedy and romance etc. There must be comparison between Hollywood movies to 2.0 and to greater extent Shankar reached to that level.

The technical and the camera work astonishing where in the cell phone modifies to bird and the manner showcasing the scientific effects is too good. It is difficult to put every aspect of technical here as there are plenty of brilliance. AR Rehman’s beats brought life to back ground.

The costumes for the leads are innovative. The VFX showcased in climax proves that Indian cinema also may attain the Hollywood range one time.

Director Shankar proved himself a king of visual effects with superb VFX giving a wonderful experience to audience.

On a overall account this film provides everything be it international level VFX fights between two leafs and its stupendous sets, jaw opening climax giving the viewers a thrilling experience. Certainly it will reach to the hearts of all over world and breaks the records in South as well. It is a rare scientific thriller made in India. Why you r waiting book tickets to get experienced by watching this film. Its already said its one day collections ate about 390 crores and may totally bags above 3000 crores as forecasted.


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