New synthetic food to fulfill the necessities of growing population

New synthetic food to fulfill the necessities of growing population

Synthetic Food

Scientists involved in producing new variety of nourishment to meet the food demands for the growing population. There may arise a severe shortage of natural food in forth coming 30-40 years. So scientists are engaged themselves in the process of manufacturing synthetic food artificially. There may be a day when human can diet on worms and insects and micro-organisms.

The food materials cultured now a days are not sufficient to the population. The population is still growing day by day worldwide. In this situation scientists are focusing on the food supply to meet the growing needs of rising population. Scientists are proclaiming that worms and insects, algae, artificial meat and fish manufactured in laboratories are becoming our nourishment by the coming 20-30 years.

According to scientists estimation our future food will be like this:

In spite of using modern agricultural methods, we are not able to produce food in compliance with the growing population. There is an estimation that by 2050 the population may reach up to 900 crores. So it is the time to plan and develop the food production. That is why researchers are exploring the new food resources, by adding changes to traditional foods and by inventing new nutrients.

The food we eat by coming 30 years

Worms, Insects and micro-organisms

Embarrassing to hear? But it is the truth. By coming year’s insects and micro-organisms have become staple food. According to the survey of FAO there are around 1900 varieties of insects which are edible. Among them, caterpillar, grasshoppers, butterfly, honey bees, ants and small bees are present. There is no scarcity for insects and vermin. Scientists says they contain proteins with low fats and fibers.

Synthetic meat [meat produced in laboratory]

There is an estimation that the green house gas emissions evolved from animals is more or less equal to the quantity emitted by cars. To prevent this, scientists focussed on developing artificial meat in 2013 itself. They have developed artificial beef in laboratory by collecting stem cells from cows. But it costs much. But now they are promulgating strongly that in future this meat can be prepared in less cost and also rich in colour, taste and smell like real meat.

Synthetic Fish

The life of sea creatures has become danger by the pollution, extensive fishing, mining under sea, changes in atmosphere and extinction of coral reefs et.etc. The reason behind this is man himself. Over 350 crores of people diet is only marine life. It will be double in near future. Fisheries are become main livelihood and the fish become the main food for crores of people efforts are being taken to develop through fisheries and then fishing in 35 countries.

GMO [Genetically modified organisms]

Genetically modified organisms whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering. Genetically modified food crops are not a new concept. In 1980 itself we harvested pest resistant crops by rebuilding the DNA of plants by 1990 this GMO food came in to available on trade. Different, different types of food grains, fish can available. Recently scientists manufactured new type of apples and potatoes by changing genes using gene editing technology [criper/cos9].

Moss & Algae

Scientists recognized that moss & algae are good substitutes for food scarcity. As Algae grows rapidly, Especially in Asia can be a great business in coming future. “Experts estimated. IN Algae plenty of vitamins and proteins so it can be a good food. It already used as bio fuel.

Synthetic fish prawns

Like artificial meat fish and prawns are also manufactured in laboratory. By keeping gold fish muscle pieces in the serum collected from the blood of fraught [carrying] calf’s they develop artificial fishes. By this boneless, thorn less meat fish can be developed. This can be a good food for astronauts. Biotech start-up Laboratory belongs to Silicon Valley has grown prawns using algae.

3D printed cuisine:- There is a special technology coming which brings food directly on our plates manufacturing from printers.

Example: We can manufacture a chock-let with our choices. That is according to our taste, shapes and interest etc,.

New synthetic food to fulfill the necessities of growing population


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