New Directives for Surrogacy

New Directives for Surrogacy

New Directives for Surrogacy

Indian parliament approved the bill against surrogacy induced by central government.

In between the slogans against banning surrogacy by opposition parties there took one-hour discussion on this in parliament. The very purpose of this surrogacy is making a couple as parents who are physically unfit to deliver a child by renting a womb. But this very sacred purpose became a high yielding business in some greedy hands. India became a crucial center for this business. So, on this ground to keep check to this mishap, respecting women and child and to save family system by directing some norms block this process and encourage new ways without expecting any ransom is the principle behind this. There are around 23 amendments for this bill which introduced in 2016.

According to this norm who are eligible to be parent by surrogacy: –

  • People who are married legally are eligible
  • Should be Indian citizens.
  • Age should be between 23-50 for females and 26 -55 for males.
  • Should at least 5 completed married years.
  • One of the couples have problem of conceiving.
  • Should be confirmed by medical experts that they may not become patents by natural method.

Who can rent their womb?

  • Close relatives to the couple are eligible.
  • The surrogate women should be married and at least mother for one child.
  • Should not expect money other than medical expenses. And only one time she should agree for the surrogacy.
  • If the aspirant parents should follow all these directives, then only the baby should be recognized as their own baby.

Who will supervise:

  • The state and central governments provide institutions to monitor these processes.
  • This institute provides certificates to the surrogate women.
  • This institute will monitor the treatments done in hospitals.

Who are disqualified:

  • Those who are in live-in relationship, women living alone, are not eligible.
  • Couple who had already baby and again trying to have baby by surrogacy are disqualified.
    Foreigners, and non-resident Indians are not eligible

What if you violate the directives: People who violate the rule and lure the women to rent their womb are subjected to a penalty of 10,00,000 Rs and imprisonment for 10 years. IF release any advertisement, then also must face the punishment. And for those who rent their womb by taking money also must phase same punishments.


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