Mobile hacking, If you are negligent?

Mobile hacking, If you are in negligent?

Sim swap

Criminals are plotting to rob the money of consumers in bank account by hacking their mobile phones. Its happening since a long time that criminals looting the customers in a very new style. Recently these sim swap frauds came in lime light in new way.

By faking that they are mobile network operators they are misleading the sufferers and hacking their mobiles, and find out the online transactions of the account and emptying the accounts without the knowledge of the customers. Police alarming the people about these type of frauds in face book accounts. Customers should be aware of these frauds, if not must lose their money.

The cyber criminals first block the victim’s services of phones by deactivating mobiles. They collect the identity information and face book account information through network. Then take a new sim through phone network out let. During this time the actual sim don’t works. S other SMS will be received by the new sim. Then criminals sense the details of accounts by sending cell phone Trojans and Mall wears. Then soon the O.T.P Password, UNR, 3D secure code etc., will reach the sim which the criminal had .Like that they steal the money from the account.

But now the cyber crime police observed the criminals are plotting in new way to loot the money.

In the new trend first they block phone network and call faking as mobile net work operators and tell us that our network is not responding, ask us to press “1” to rectify the fault. If you press “1” and there you are in their trap. You phone has been hacked, immediately criminals took phone in their handover and detect the online transactions of victims. By identifying the OTP, Password, Emptying the accounts. They choose mostly the online users for this type of frauds.

Better to use Virtual key Boards,

It is better to use Virtual key Board for online transactions to avoid these type of fraud, Says cyber-crime police”.

When you are doing on line transactions on computer or laptop, keyboard or mobile phone, Virtual key board lies on beside user ID, Password. You should use this virtual keyboard.

The numbers, letters symbols are changing according to transaction in their virtual board, so if the criminals hack our phone, .but impossible to find out the password and key information. By taking these measures we can save ourselves from the cyber criminals.

Mobile hacking, If you are negligent?


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