Mental Stress Causing Many Disorders

Mental Stress Causing Many Disorders

Now a days mental stress became a menace to mankind. And with the time being inducing many health disorders. The speed in daily life causing expanding the mental disorders in human. Even in older life style there is stress, but the joint family system protects to some extent from these disorders becoming problematic. But now a days nuclear families, work pressures, not able to talk openly and understand the passions and interests of others are reasons for en-strenghtening mental patients. Unemployment, job UN-satisfaction job searching are causing stress and depression in about 28% of people. Even children who have to spend their childhood in play and cheerful are undergoing in depression with the stress they are facing in their studies. In old age it becoming more traumatic. Living conditions and situations, health problems, lack of family effection, staying in old age homes causing many mental problems in many of aged people. The is the severe problem faced by all world wide countries now a days. According to a survey done by health ministry in 2014 for every 20 members one person is suffering with depression, and stress Where as in females it is more especially in 35-45 age group it more.

The potentiality of a human to take stress differs from person to person. By increase in stress body systems should undergo many changes. As result headache, stiffness of head, indigestion, over eating, constipation, anxiety will arise. IN our country about 13.7% of people suffering with different mental disorders. Out of these 10.6% will be cured with medical help and with medicines. Over 10% have a normal level and 2.9% will get cured by treating the age limit up to 20 to35 people are suffering with work pressures. Time constraints, spending more time in offices, not able to allot time for family, staying away from family due to job etc are increasing problems.

Many people are ignorant of treatments for mental problems. Even some people know but they don’t understanding the severity of the problems. More over these problems are long term and people scared of getting cured. And the worst is there are not sufficient doctors for curing these problems According to a survey for every 13,000 mental patients only one is available. There is a need of 4,000 psychiatrist immediately. Allocation of less no.of seats for this field is another reason for this scarcity.

Depression causing suicides in many victims. Family members, friends, relatives should keep a track on their behavior and style of living on these sufferers and stood beside them on support. The capability of bearing stress differs from person to person. So should take experts advise according to the situations. In olden days children get needed physical exercise and mental pleasure by playing around the school premises and in open places. And ladies and girls learn household works and some arts like dance, music etc. The atmosphere like this should extend forcibly in society we can beat the mental stress on same force.
The students who are studying in cities and towns, struggling with computers are loosing this physical activity and thus causing obesity in them.

Children whose both parents works facing loneliness and there by undergoing in to depression. It is becoming more pitiful as parents don’t have time to talk with children and find out their problem making problem more worse. The ranking stress in studies making children going in to depression. Committing suicides if they cannot reach the goals. Compared to western countries our culture and customs are more powerful and our family system has strengthen can put full stop to increasing mental nausea and social unrest by regenerate the bond between person and system and expanding unity between persons.


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