Leaves that made synthetically for the fuel generation

Leaves that made synthetically for the fuel generation

Magic Leaves

The discriminate consumption of natural resources leads to the severe scarcity and drought, desiccation and aridity. Even the ocean can get conduit if we continuously drain the water from it. Like the petrol resources also get diminish by our bigotry consumption. Another problem the harm caused to earth by these carbon dioxide gas emition [or] green house gas is also reach to a threatening level, by increasing global warmth causing nonseasonal floods and drought trays. In search of the solution Indian researchers initiated to develop synthetic leaves which produce clean fuel.

It is absolutely wrong to think that plants have been disappearing as we are uprooting the greens for our necessities and greed, but along with the trees the basic essential process photosynthesis is also denigrated. It is an extreme wonderful energy generating process which is carried out obviously by nature. But now it becomes purgatory to this process. Through this photosynthesis which carried in leaves provide us oxygen food, and carbon dioxide. By cutting trees in assertiveness this process breaks down. There arising shortage of fuel. In another side the growing necessities for fuel are stressing to develop fuel through artificial photosynthesis.

Scientists have developed an artificial leaf that absorbs sunlight to generate hydrogen fuel from water, an advance that may provide clean energy for powering eco- friendly cars in the future. The ultra-thin wireless device mimics plant leaves to produce energy using water and sunlight.

Artificial leaves or Magic leaves

Leaves generate energy, food and oxygen by a process called photosynthesis. In this they utilize the major energy resource sunlight. The artificial leaves also will generate energy in the same process. These magic leaves became hopeful nowadays to supplement the diminishing fissile fuel. Another beneficial factor from these artificial leaves is clean air. These investigations have become prominent as magic leaves will control the emission of green house gas which leads to global warmth.

Where is the base for this investigation?

The Central Florida University team has worked in this direction to convert the light and chemical changes in to carbon dioxide like fuel resources. Initially they used platinum and Iridium like costly metals for this. But the result is not that fruitful. So this research did not reach to its destination. Then Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit belongs to Indian Institute of Science has developed a new discovery and moved ahead. It has developed artificial leaves using cheap metal Aluminium and moved to the direction to develop the fuel from them.

What is the specialty of the Magic leaf?

This artificial leaf is called as magic leaf. They use ultra-thin nano meter semiconductors for manufacturing this magic leaf which called nano crystals. The photosynthesis done by the magic leaf is 100 times more powerful than natural process by natural leaves. I t is manufactured with a low cost aluminium instead of costly metals.

Other investigations

Florida University initiated other type of research for generating energy by capturing light. It is easy to fight on green house gas by capturing blue light in light spectrum. Researchers are telling that if these experiments have come on light it is easy to produce carbon dioxide in large scale and can produce fuel which we need by filtering it.


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