Joke of the Day 2018

Joke of the Day 2018

Joke of the Day 2018

Sexy secretary comes angrily out of Boss’s cabin.. ♨

Staff askd: wht hapend?

Secretary: He asked me r u free tonight? 😜

I said yes !
Rascal gave me 60 pages to type!!!


Shocking Introduction at a party
One man to another ..
Meet my wife tanya ..

2nd one : ya, I know her.

1st one : how..?

2nd one : we were caught many a times sleeping together.

1st one : Wat??? Angrily.. What the hell u r talking..??

2nd one : during lectures in science & history classes.
We were classmates.😜😜😝

Police: R u married?
Sardar: Yes, with a woman.
Police : Of course! Did u even hear of anyone marrying a man?
Sardar: Yes, my sister did….!!!😁😂😜😀

–Signboard outside a PATHOLOGY Clinic–

For you it may be your Urine & Potty…
for us, it is our Dal & Roti…!!!


One day I asked my Heart……

What is love ?

Heart Replied:

Dekh bhai apna kaam blood supply karna hai…! syllabus ke baahar ka mat pucch…..😝😝😝😝😜😜😜😂.

Aurangazeb: Senapati, bataao hum Shivaji ko kyu Nahi dhund pa rahe hain??

Senapati: Maharaj, hum Mugal Hain, Google Nahi !!!😂😜



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