Is your Wi-Fi very slow?

Is your Wi-Fi very slow?

Do you know by installing some changes and fallow little safety measures your wi-fi will run up?

  1. If you reboot your smart phone it will work beautifully, likewise reboots your router also it will refresh the inbuilt software in the devise. That’s why if the router is giving trouble turn off the power for a mint and again turn on the router.By this devise will rest and gain capacity.
  2. The wi-fi speed is not even in all corners of house or multi storied buildings.By joining wi-fi extenders to the main router and arrange them in less WI-FI connectivity areas, we can access speed net work. We can use used and old routers as extenders.
  3. There are some boosters to extend WI-FI router range in online or you can use, used cold drink cans for extending the range. You can them and arrange them to antenna to get better signals.
  4. The speed of router is also depends upon the place where you kept it. Generally we place them in a corner thinking that its cable may come between, So only these connectivity problems. So we should keep routers mostly in the middle or the areas where should not any obstacle.

You should change the settings, so that to avoid hacking. For this open router login page in system. And go to settings. There you can see SSD [network game] option enable mode,keep that in disable mode and save the settings, Bus , onwards others cannot detect your wireless network. Or by changing SSID name also you can save your net work.

Is your Wi-Fi very slow?


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