Is CAN-Water up to the Health Standards?

Is CAN Water up to the Health Standards?

Is CAN-Water up to the Health Standards?

Nowadays people became aware of the necessity of drinking pure water. In the verge of this pure water do we really drinking purified water? People drinking can water thinking that is mineral water which is actually a farce. The reality is it became a business to many of the people en-cashing peoples need they are selling very low standard water without purifying it properly without following standard measures and methods they are fooling people by filling with bore water and the water supplied by the water board. On this basis question arises is if the water in cans pure? On the basis of terms and conditions should follow some precautions should be taken.

Some companies are selling impure water in the name of mineral water deceiving people and earning crores on this business en-cashing people’s weakness. According to rules every water plant should get permission from Indian water bureau. The water which the company purifies should undergo about 60 types of tests. But some companies printing duplicate ISI mark and selling the water. By drinking this water people fall ill.

New diseases with can water: –

Bacteria has been detected in can water also. They are purifying water only for name sake. For every litre water there should be less than 75mgs of calcium and less than 30mgs of magnesium and iron less than 0.3gms and fluoride less than 1mg. These standards are not fallowed in can water. water stored in unlearned cans and tanks leading to arise new health problems. Drinking water should be above 7 on pH scale if not leads to digestion problems. So, it can be considering the water supplied by water board is more standard than water cans.

Pollution leads to dangers STANDARDS

water board collects water from rivers and purifies it through the standards ISO and supplies through large pipes to water reservoirs. From there water can be supplied by pipe lines to households. In this process water gets contaminated in various places. some places drain water pipes goes above the drinking water pipes. so only many people depend on can water. By drinking polluted water there may be risk falling in Jaundice, cholera, and diarrhea.

Reverse Osmosis Plants: –

There is one another method to purify water called Reverse osmosis. It is a technical process to filter the water. 60% of water plants using this process. But in this method for every 2 liters water we are getting only 1 litre water remaining is wasting due to this water shortage may arise. In addition, by this method the essential minerals for body like calcium, magnesium gets drained by 95% and for taste and color they are adding ozone.

What consumers rights law says: –

Water plants should be planted where light and air should be plenty. The personnel who fill the water should wear special clothes and masks for nose and gloves for hands and cap on head. 90% of Reverse Osmosis plants don’t have permissions. According to law of consumers rights action should be taken.

Precautions taken while using can water: –

  • Avoid to drink can water or water board water if you find it polluted. Pure water doesn’t have color and taste.
  • Don’t use if fog appears on the water. If the water board water from taps smelling allow the water to flow and use it when it gets free from smell and color and smells chlorine.
  • Fill the water in pots and allow it to settle for some time and use the drained water.
  • Give boiled and cooled water to children ND old aged people and pregnant women to prevent bacterial and viral infections.
  • If vomits and motions arise after drinking water consult doctors There is a danger of E-COLI Bacteria in [polluted water.
  • Should observe the method of purifying can water organizers and plant surroundings. Avoid taking water if there is unclean atmosphere and surroundings.
  • Better to drink water board water by filtering it in house itself. If chlorination is genuine can drink water.
  • Don’t use unclean and fungus deposited water can. There is high scope of bacteria and use cans manufactured through ISI standards.


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