Human intelligence and Robotics

Human intelligence and Robotics

Human intelligence and Robotics

Are the robotics dictate the future human life?

The study of Robotics saying “Yes mostly”, because the eminence of this robotics shown everywhere. Nowadays it knocks every door, embracing us like a close friend or relative. Research experts says ”for every necessity nowadays future generation looks upon the technical knowledge or technology. Right from law and order, health, protection industries and mining, the key sections ae giving importance to artificial intelligence.

Does machines substitute humans? And replicate human actions?

A Robo is a modern machine which thinks like human beings, respond and act. As the life standards are increasing the necessities also increasing. People giving importance to perform their works as fast as possible. In this order researches have moved to use this technical knowledge in service-oriented fields more extensively. Programming artificial intelligence and attaching to machine shaped as man is the specialty of robotics .It is the technical instrument which accumulate energy and utilize it in necessary way.

Consociation in surgeries,…

We can easily understand the importance and the substantial performance of robotics , America the pronounced country approved these robotic surgeries for urological disorders.

Not only diagnosing small disorders, they are assisting in major surgeries. Medical experts says’these robotics not only helpful in internal surgeries of sensitive organs, but  are serving splendid in retrieval of the patient.They  are majorly utilizing these robotics in removing cancer tumors, kidney disorders, kidney surgeries, prostrate cancers and gynecology surgeries..Even in operating the most minute and sensitive parts also these robotics works magnificently. Robo’s creating wonders with the reference of the expert medical practitioner. And playing a key role to get 100% success.

Even they enter in Law and order field. Hyderabad police introduced a Police Robo to control the crime rate for the first time in our country And got success. Experts now focused to improve the efficiency of this robo and extend its services to the other fields from the ground level.

Human intelligence and Robotics


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