How good to get the organs regenerate?

How good to get the organs regenerate?


Do you ever heard about movies Valvoline and Deadpool? If not you should note the important point. In both the movies there is a common point, it is the healing power. These are the frictional characters posses the tendency to r generate the wounded and endearing organs with extraneous healing power. These characters again develop their lost body parts with this special healing power. But why we are discussing about it now? Think once, How good to be possess such an extraneous power, we can recover soon from the wounds, can develop body parts ourselves or can be re attached the parts, scientists are hoping for this.

House Lizards have the tendency to regenerate the organs.

If you observe the house lizards they can develop their tails if by chance they loose. Same in the case of tod poles. In case of some Amphibians like salamanders, nets have power to reinstitute the vital organs like Brain, Heart, etc. In case of Planaria, they can develop in to separate organism from each cut of its body. Salamanders who have the regenerate power very fast are attracting the scientists more. They are assuming that by identifying the genes which is main cause to heal the wound fast in those organisms there is a possibility to gain healing power to us.

Human also have healing power

We also have some healing power like lizards and salamanders. So only our wounds getting healed in few days. But will not be amalgamate with the old skin. It will look like as pasted. That is because skins develop a special collagen tissue to heal the wound. It can be say that exactly how we join the torn clothes with a thread, skin also develop tissue and joint the wounded part and get attached. So only there appear scares prominently. The newly farmed tissue even is weaker than the old skin. The self curing character is called healing power. But this process is not happening as fast as in above organisms. It takes time. In this slow process there is always scope for infections and sometimes these infection become dreadful.

How good to be without scars?

What if regeneration of organs takes place as fast as the above said organism? If the curing of the wounds will be fast using less tissue there will be scope for healing the wound without blotch. A scientist thinking to use thik plasma rich with platelets is the best way for this process. They are already using this, plasma treatment for dental treatment, to remove marks that are formed due to measles and acne.

Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering means implanting artificially made collagen sheets on the wounds and reacting the wound to heal fast is another modern method, especially for burns wounds i is best method. While healing the wounds we may suffer with itching and pain, but in this method there will not be this problems Scientists are trying to induce skin tissue prepared by bio engineering method to remove scars. There is another argument that can use cancer tissue for this method. Stem cell biologists are assuming that by controlling the photo anthology and tumour n suppressor genes can create a temporary cancer situation and from that create collagen the healing tissue.

If we know the secret?

Palji allen discovery center headed BY Levin from Tufts university focused on this issue in 2016. And doing experiments on large scale. Salamanders and tap worm repair their organs by themselves and get healed by wounds. what is the secret ? Levin named bio electric cod to this secret. There is a plan or soft ware programme for this bio electricity in those organisms. According to the programme only it is decided that size of organism how it develops, when to develop happens. Can create wonders if we can amputate this bio electric coat and can induce changes in it. Can delineate new organs. Can get the secrete of healing power, can check the errors by birth and cancer says Levin.


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