How do you protect against Zika Virus?

How do you protect against Zika Virus?

Fight back with Zika virus with awareness and precautions

Origened from Africa, after trembling Brazil now entered in to India alarming danger to us. Many cases have been reported from Gujarat and Tamilnadu, reaching a few hundred can understand the severity of the situation

What is this Zika?

Is it that fatal to mankind?

Right in the earlier studies says it is more like normal virus like Dengue Chicken Gunya, spreads through Eadis mosquitoes. But later after the epidemic in Brazil all focussed on this as it left remarkable effect on new borns after it broke in Brazil especially the size of head is smaller. And causing Gilian bary syndrome in elders. Hence WHO recognised this as international emergency Human health problem Unlike chicken Guinea and Dengue which spreads through mosquitoes Zika virus will spreads through blood, sperms, saliva and genital secretions. Hence will spreads through physical contact also. And spreads through the blood transplant who contain the virus. May even with organ transplant.

Symptoms: –

Symptoms may be prominent or sometimes they are not. Generally, patients suffer with mild fever, body pains, joints pain, head ache, warts on skin, eyes become red etc. Etc. Like in Dengue. So may think as Dengue. So, it is necessary to differentiate between Dengue and Zika. In Dengue sudden severe fevers will occur. where ad in Zika not that certain. Generally, symptoms may occur after 3-14 days after the mosquito’s bite and may subside within 2-7 days.

How to diagnose?

Zika virus lies in blood, urine, sperm, saliva, and genital secretions. And this virus appears in them within 7 days in bulk. If we conduct NAT (PCR)we can trace the virus. Also have to anti body test then only can decide the virus. People who visited the areas where the Zika virus spread, and pregnant woman, newly borne, and those who ate suffering with warts and symptoms of dengue should be tested.

The Toxicity: –

The virus shows toxicity on nerve cells. If the pregnant woman has been attacked by it will show effect on new borns. Brain may not fully develop, and the head may be smaller in size, which called Micro caphele effecting the growth of the children. May cause Mental retardation, fault in eyesight and hearing.

Impacts in elders: –

Gillian Bari cindrom:- generally called as temporary Paralysis Movements of organs become less. Mainly caused by the antibodies which have been generated inn our body to fight with Zika virus get attack the nerves. Injecting immunoglobulin through veins may show result. Should do plasma transplant if necessary.

Swelling of spinal cord:- Known and Militis. Sudden swelling in spinal cord resulting damage of nerves and numbness of limbs and stopping urination and excretion. No sense in limbs.

Treatment and rest: – There is no specific treatment for Zika virus Like for all other virus infections for fever and body pains and joint pains consume paracetamol tablets for every 6 hrs. If have rashes can get relief by anti-histamine medicine. Now experiments have been conducting to find Zika teeka if it came to available then can avoid it in advance.

Precautions: – Zika virus spreads through mosquitoes. So, precautions should be taken to avoid them. Should see water will not stagnate around our living. Water vessels should be covered properly with lids. Un used coolers should be coveted properly. Use mosquito nets while sleeping. Windows and doors get grilled with jolly. Hang curtains and should wear long sleeved clothes to avoid mosquito bites.

Keep away from physical relationship. As the symptoms of Zika are not certainly visible it is better to keep distance from the partners when there is epidemic of Zika. So newly married people, and who are trying to conceive, should post phone their plan till the danger subsides. Since the Zika virus lives long in urine and semen more than in blood. The virus may spread to the partners. If anybody visits the virus effected areas and if symptoms are seen and anti-bodies ate seen in tests it is better to avoid physical relationship about 6 months. Should avoid conceiving by using condoms. And f conceived, TIPHA test should be done to test the growth of the faetus. The size of the head and other organs should be tested. If the virus attack after conceiving , should keep away from physical relation or use precautionary measures is safe.


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