Get stress free by sharing out with others

Get stress free by sharing out with others

Stress Free

It’s an engineering college class room.

A psychologist is talking on stress management. She asked the class to stand one by one and share their stressed out issues with the class. But none responded thinking that no use by sharing can be no benefit.

Then mam showed them a half filled glass. The class effused saying ,”mam we know what you want to tell, we all aware of it from our births, and we know the moral of it,…those who delineate the half filled glass are optimistic,, and those who only sees half empty are pessimistic ,”says the class impetuously.

The psychologist laughed, “Absolutely not “I rather think the weight of the glass is more important”.

The class immediately look interest and attentive.

The psychologist “Just answer my question, “how much this glass weighs?”

The students roughly estimating and says like 250 grams or 500 grams etc. Like that.

After all over mam explained like this.

“Let me clarify one thing,” actually we should weigh the glass according to the time that we can be able to carry it rather the quantity of the water in it.”

“Let me explain’ one can carry the glass holding it in hand for about 5 minutes or 10 minutes etc.. after that your hand may shake due to weight,. If you carry it about 1 hour you may get tremble with pain. If you asked to carry it the whole day you may even get paralysis” she stopped.

The students listening became sumptuous.

She continued,” the things which tyrannizing you are also like this. If you think about them for a brief time may not bother you long. But if you took it to your heart and think over it for hours and days together and becoming the only thought of every other day will leads to mental paralysis. Holding pressures to yourself in your mind is like this. So whatever is in your mind just throw out it soon, and you may stress free.

Students fall in line to throw out their pressures.

It is better to share your stress with others as it will help you become stress free and keeps you fit and fine.

Get stress free by sharing out with others


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