Don’t laugh Alone – Dental Joke

Don't laugh Alone - Dental Joke

Don’t laugh Alone 😂😂😂

An Indian went to a dentist in U S A for tooth extraction and first enquired about cost. Dentist said 1200$, the Indian thought it was too much.

After some thought, he asked about cheaper methods.

The dentist said, Yes, it can be done without anesthesia and will cost only 300$,but it would be very very painful.

Indian said OK Dr, do it without anesthesia.

The dentist removed the tooth without anesthesia and during the entire procedure the Indian sat quietly, even smiling a little.

The dentist was not only surprised, but was quite impressed and said…

I have never seen such a brave patient like you. I don’t even want my fees, instead, take this 500$ as a reward, you’ve taught me such a powerful lesson today about mastering one’s pain and feelings !!!

In the evening he met his fellow dentists and told everyone about his amazing Indian patient.

Out of all doctors, one doctor jumped up and shouted 😤 that Indian first came to me, I gave him anesthesia and asked him to wait outside for half an hour ! After half an hour when I called him he had left !!!!


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