Don’t discourage anyone

Don't discourage anyone

Two boys, One of 10 years, and the second one is of 7 years are playing in the court yards in the out skirts of a village. The big boy is running and the smaller one is running behind him to catch the big boy.

There is a well ahead. The big boy didn’t seen it and fell in to it. He doesn’t know to swim. The well is too deep. Nobody around to help him. The small boy seen a bucket tied with a rope. He caught the rope and thrown the bucket in to the well asking the big boy to catch it.

The big boy is half drowning in the well managed to caught the rope. The small boy collecting all his strength tried to pull up the rope. Saying, don’t be scared brother, hold the rope tightly see that you should not fall.’ The small boy tied the end of the rope to a tree. And he started to pull it. He tried and tried pulling till the big boy came out safely.

Then they went in to the village and said what happened to them. And said them how the small boy has saved the big boy, but nobody believed. How can a boy of 7 years could save a bigger boy of 10 years? They questioned them. It is impossible every one said. They don’t believed the boy. This matter reached to a priest of a temple. Somebody asked the priest does he believe this?

“Yes” said the priest. All asked him how’s it possible how can a small boy can pull the big boy out?

The priest explained like this” the small boy doesn’t know that he himself is small and he don’t have that strength to pull the big boy and it is impossible to him. Nobody is there to tell him the same and warn him or to say discourage him. If anyone says that to him he may not even try to save the boy. He may start crying and run to the villagers for help. By the time we reach to the well anything may happens, the boy may dies.

The man who questioned became speechless.

The priest clarified” if nobody is there to discourage us, or to say you can’t do it, man can do wonders”.

Everything is possible if nobody will discourage us.

Don’t discourage anyone


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