Do you think your personal data safe in net?

Do you think your personal data safe in net?

Keep an eye over your net activities. Its never late sign in and check once.and keep your privacy so that to avoid danger of hacking and misusing your personal data.

In Google

Google reveal your browsing data when you login into it and record your browsing services and time ect,. In other words google turns your activities in to separate base. You can watch your particulars in bundle view in google my activity. There everything will be stored what ever you do in Android ,chrome ,you tube and every browser. If you want to review your activity in phone you can go to Android section. And for browsing list you can go to chrome If you want to delete press 3 dots button. There is delete activity by option to delete specific time and data. You can visit location history to locate your where abouts. And through Google map you can browse every detail if not erase everything.


We generally browse you tube not only for time pass but for valuable information .Review once the history and remove unnecessary details.

We generally became members for many services through gmail and give access to account. As the time being we may forget. You can review the “permissions” to know the no.of services which You registered through g mail. In this there appears a list of your services accounts and the time from when you get access and you may remove access to services that are unwanted.


Google supplying some of advertisements observing your interest .When searching google they appear with search results and while watching dome videos related adds plays. To control them you should change google add settings. Disable Ad personalization is ON option. If you want adds ad per your interest can keep turn on mode in preferences list and turn off the rest.

Face book

In spite of being active in Facebook Its necessary to check your privacy in Facebook as well. Should see that not to sink phone contact with the net work members. Because if unexpectedly your account got hacked along with your others no.also got caught in hackers hand.

  • Check your face book privacy settings regularly to activity log and review your sharing and comments. check other posts which ate posted without your concern here.
  • Generate mobile pin to use fb more safely in phone .you should enter pin post it. so% avoid danger of others posting in your fb.If you login in to any web sight app using Facebook login details to review and to delete go to apps and website section and remove unwanted services from account access.
  • If you are using desktop browser open link http:/ appears contact list uploaded through FB messenger delete contact and remove sinked address book.
  • If you are using I-Phone go to FB App select three lines and account section and off upload contact in general menu.
  • If you are using Android go to media and contacts app settings disable contacts upload option.


We ate betaking whats-app to send information with in seconds. The chat and information we are sending will goes to a protected circuit. Because the communication will goes in encryption method. Not even whats-app organizers can watch the data. Don’t think to take light about privacy. What about the backup data? In I phone users. I cloud user and where as in Android phones. In google drive the back up will done. Will the back up data is in encryption mode? No it will be saved in general method.

There is a chance of access of the data by others. So if you can remove the unwanted data. For this Android users have to go-to google drive, click settings icon, there manage app’s appears. There you can see the list of applications linked with google drive select option button that is besides whats-app and select and remove total backup.

Review your phone, browser, laptop, desktop at fixed time and remove unwanted. Observe carefully apps browsers you ate using in website.


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