Do you know that your happiness lies in your hands only?

Do you know that your happiness lies in your hands only?

Where is happiness lies?

According to K. Mohan Rao the founder of Institute of Goal Oriented Training, happiness will not come from outside. But it always lies within you. By organizing Our daily habits, routine of our daily course, properly is the first step of happiness. The habits that we develop will affect our mental status massively.

Our mind stays in alpha state in mornings. IF we utilize that precious time for building personality and character, we can more focus on our goal. Will develop work efficiency and works will complete in expected time giving satisfaction and happiness to us. He proposed some tips which add extra values to the process of starting your daily course. You can observe them and cultivate those habits which suited to you.

  • Try to recognize any three positive aspects. Note them on paper and think enormously over them.
  • Do meditation to get stress relief and develop happy hormones. You can get mental coherence. You IQ also gets improved.
  • Exercise improves your memory and the ability to focus on your ambition.
  • The clothes we wear tell about ourselves to others and provides self confidence to us.
  • Allot dome time to develop interaction with your closed ones and strengthen the relation as happiness lies in those people who adores you and who is around you.
  • Your dairy should be like this-
  • Note down one of your goals and conclusions on the first page of your dairy
  • Note down 10events that you do in morning on left side. And note 10 events that perform in night on right side.
  • Check once weather you completed your morning course like meditation drinking water exercise have been completed or not.
  • Like wise check your evening works.
  • Note the main important works, and the afford you put to develop good relations with others.
  • Enroll the left over things and can be done in middle.


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