Do you know even walking also has certain rules?

Do you know even walking also has certain rules?

Do you know the types of walking and its benefits?

Walking benefits both mentally and physically. However, you should follow certain rules to get more benefit. Come let us see what are they?

You should take some precautions while walking to get benefited to your effort.
Firstly, who those are opting walking as an exercise should get tested for vitamin B, B12, hemoglobin, and fol-ate. If there is any deficiency it will be futile to walk So first get treated for these problems and then start walking.

You should not start walk listening to music or talking in phone or talking with friends. You should focus on your breath while walking. Then only you get expected result. To get mental relief and health you should walk in greenery.

While walking should focus on your body posture. Keep your vertebra straighter. By following this you can keep away many problems. You will not suffer with back ache and belly will reduce fastly.

Should wear sweat absorb, loose clothes. Avoid jeans. Wear quality undergarments which provide comfort. Should not stress your foot to floor or should not pressurizes it causes pain and causes even cracks.

Should not use high heel shoes. If you ate suffering with knee pain wear ankle grip shoe. If you once suffered with knee pains and back pain and get cured now planning walking you should wear ankle band, knee bands, and back belts. By this your muscles get strengthened.
Should not walk on hard surface, as it causes more pressure on foot. So, try to walk on lawns filled with grass, and mud, in parks and grounds.

Types of walking:

Brisk walk:

Walk with speed of 4 miles per one hour. Should move your hands compulsorily. By doing your weight comes under control. Heart becomes stronger. Reduces cholesterol levels and may reduce diabetes problem.

Hill walk:

Means walk on hills, and mountains and high altitudes. Benefits for strengthening muscles and reduce weight fastly. But it is not suitable for people of age above 60, and suffering with knee pains and calcium deficiency.

Water walk:

Walking in water is as good as anything. Should walk immersing your body up to stomach. You can try this in swimming pools, tanks and canals. By this weight will be in control. Get relief from back pain, muscle cramps and joint pains. It is as hood as other type of walking.

Interval walk:

First 20 sec. should walk briskly, then walk moderate speed for about 50 sec. Continue like this for 30 minutes, changing pattern ad said above. It is more beneficial to players, and even improve stamina to others.

Treadmill walk:

Can set their speed from 4.5 kilometers per hour to 6.5 kilometers per hour. Can walk about half an hour to 1 hour.

Speed walk (power walk):

All following this nowadays. Should walk about 7 to 9 kilometers per hour. Some are walking carrying weights or tying weights to legs. Can own a new excitement. And get reduced weight shortly.


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