Do you know about Li-Fi?

Do you know about Li-Fi?

Do you know about Li-Fi?

Can you imagine life without internet? It became a part of our life. Wi-Fy brought a great revolution in the integration with internet. Even though it is more useful to consumers, there are some errors in incorporation of Wi-Fi. That’s why they’re coming a brand new technology in the place of Wi-Fi. It is called LI-FI ( Light Fidelity ). Li-Fi technology is a ground-breaking light based communication technology, which makes use of light waves instead of radio technology to deliver data. Li-Fi is a technology for wireless communications between devices using light to transmit data and position. It will works on electric light and assimilate internet. It is more beneficial than Wi-Fi which depends in radio frequency.

Technical experts saying that Li-Fi will discover a new era in the integration of internet. Li-Fi incorporate consumers to internet based on electric light.

How Li-Fi works?

The light frequency emitting from LED lights will deliver the data. The transmition will be like other type Ethernet cables, and present Wi-Fi routers.

LED light deliver communication signals by diminishing and increasing the light. Photo detectors which are arranged to electronic gadgets can extract. The light that sparkling from LED will not effect eye sight, but transmit information by many folds.

What are the uses of Li-Fi?

  • In recent studies proved that Li-Fi works 224 gigabytes speed per sec.
  • As per above calculation we can download 1.5 gigabytes data per sec. [music, video, apps etc.]
  • Li-Fi will works more speed than present Wi-Fi.

Can Li-Fi provides security?

There is no danger of stealing of information as light frequency can’t go cross walls and retains in specific place.

Consumers can govern direct communication easily. No need of extra security measures for Li-Fi. No danger to human health as light spreads everywhere. No assimilation to the sensitive electronic instruments used in aeroplanes and hospitals etc.

Is Li-Fi costly?

As it utilizes LED light only less amount of electricity required.

The spare part used in Li-Fi are cheaper than Wi-Fi, where radio technology spare parts are used.

When it comes to available?

Even though Li-Fi has multiple benefits, it’s evident that it take time to come to availability. Before the extensive use of consumers Li-Fi can be used in accordance with industries and in offices necessities.

Are there any losses?

  • It is not that easy to transfer Wi-Fi to Li-Fi. There are inevitable transformation difficulties, “says experts.
  • The instruments that now using are not in a state of deliver or extract the data with the help of light rays.
  • Even though now we have some gadgets integrated to Li-Fi but they are heavy in size and not suitable for usage.
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