Do you know about internal pollution in cars?

Do you know about internal pollution in cars?

Pollution in cars

There is always the problem of traffic if we want to use car. And the terror of pollution if mirrors open. So we on A.C. and close the mirrors and feel that we are safe from pollution. But what about the pollution inside the car? Do you know that internal pollution will hunt us? If you are careless allergies may attack us. Experts are saying like road accidents and car-maintenance problems we should be care full about in-car pollution.  So what to do for that?

Once car is a luxury, But now a days it became a necessity. According to the study by Harward Health Watch, a car owner spends about 101 minutes in the car everyday on an average basis. Means around 25 days for year. We generally took very care about that important vehicle. Will do regular servicing took care to avoid accidents. But many people don’t know about the internal pollution and it is important to take care about it. So let us focus on it.

Many people think that if we close the car doors and mirrors and on the A.C so there will not be any pollution. But we always wrong here. we cover the seats with colorful and   beautiful covers and use mates to avoid dirt. If we do not maintain them clean these become the centers for bacteria, and address for fungus. So only the infections like influenza and cough. Reasons for skin diseases and allergies. If we neglect can get bronchial disorders. The A.C which provides cooling also causes internal pollution, the air went which sprays A.C are the centers for microorganisms. On The air conditioning filters and behind air went also accumulate lot of dust. It will spread though the air inside the car and spreads bad smell.

If the dirt accumulates in large scale it will block the air causing to develop fungus which causes allergies. While travelling if we open the window doors the dirt will enter in to the car and spreads thought the car. If there is leakage in the fuel the smell will entre inside the car. In addition to them smoking, throwing wasts, entering into the car with dirt feet, using timed –out car are the causes for internal pollution by our involvement. Long-term respiratory problems may arise by them.

Then what to do to avoid this internal pollution?

  1. Using Vacuum cleaners we can clean the corners of seats, carpets and under the mats where bacteria and fungus can accumulate.
  2. Food items, peels of Bananas, wastes should not keep in the car. If water spills fungus will arise causing allergies.
  3. Dirt will deposit on dash boards, steering wheel, control panel, seat belts, door handles, and sunvisors and on mirrors. So take extra care on them.
  4. Should do steam cleaning inside the car through the high temperature in steam cleaning allergy causing factors will be destroyed.
  5. From the base of the vehicle and from the back of A.C pollution emissions will enter in the car. When ac on they may enter in car. So to reduce they should maintain distant from the car ahead.
  6. Sometimes when stop at signals generally we open the mirrors for fresh air. Then only the smoke and dirt form other cars enters in to our car. So avoid opening the windows in the signal junctions.
  7. When the traffic is less and if the sun is bright open the mirrors, so allowing to the pure air in to the car.
  8. Even though using air fresheners and deodorants causes air pollution so avoid using. Smoking affect will be lost for hrs
  9. Clean the carpets and mates with baking soda.

Beware of new cars

We may feel proud to own a new car. But it spreads a different smell. Some people enjoy the odour. But it is proved that it is dangerous to health. It contains dangerous chemicals like volatile organic compounds. These voc and the gases may emit from leather seats, gums, sealants, colors, benzin, tolun, corbonmonoxide, nitrogen oxide, vinyles and plastics.

These vocs are 35% more in new cars compared to old ones. The effect will be losts for 4 or 5 months. If spends more time in this car will cause weakness and tiredness. May get headache frequently. Will cause sourness in neck and uncomfortable in chest. May effect the heart beat. Scope for asthma. To avoid the problems open the doors of the car for at least 2 or 3 hrs daily. Don’t park the car under the sunlight. Should use heap purifiers to reduce internal pollution.

Can clean the car using the air purifiers to block the allergies. Many people are using them to reduce internal pollution. Can fix them to dash board, rear tray through USB socket.


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