Do you ever recognize the limit for sharing on social walls?

Do you ever recognise the limit for sharing on social walls

Social Media: Many milinials who roam in social media are behaving ad if they are ideal swearing masks of fack identities .Psychologists are explaining that in the quest of making themselves as Brand in this competitive world youth are approaching the social life thinking that it not that adverse. Social media experts saying that in this quest of introducing themselves to the world allotting more than half of the day to virtual life in social network there arising a situation of balancing the dual personality hidden in one. Among the dual one is Mr. Perfect which appears on FB walls, twitter handle, and whats-up DP. Another is the real one who is facing the heights and depths in.real life mere common person who leads a common life. So it is necessary to check whether you possess the two in you?

Its always the market:

Many people recite their ideal feelings in broadcasting in social media. They chage their status borrowing quotes from any browser. And looks its receiving and fell that others will think high about them. But what if the question arise that are we really fallowing the quote which we kept as status?There starts the conflict leading us to behave suit the quote hence exposing to stress agonizing us as we are strengthening the image we created in social life which is not real you.

Editing Magic:

Social life postings are more like build-up with different gimmicks which are rapidly changing. And also updating different editing options. Even turning the fat to slim and fit beautifying automatically. Eventually drawing followers and even turning your selves as fan to you.Even get stucked up in your own image circle. There is reason for this once we fantasize film heroes in limited media and tried to imitate them but now trend has been changed. Keeping the social media dais people trying to put-up image ad heroes. Even 1 sec duration video will viral up making common people as celebrities.

Need of stability:

Regulation will be possible on with stability either in social world or in real world. According to a survey you are lack of stability in social life if you repeatedly changing your profile pick. Check as well if you have these qualities .If you have more than one you are away from teal world and time to Keep surveillance to your self.

  • Always wants to be in social media.
  • Check your status repeatedly.
  • To forget your real life problems will spend more time on social media
  • Will under go stress and anxiety if you not access to social media’s

If others are believing something that we are sharing either to build up image or for publicity strongly we too have to believe that as far as it is for good .It is good to cultivate good habbits. Unless we absorbs the truth the no.of likes and shares never change us. But one day the virtual world gets refresh. Then we should be answerable to certain questions. You brain and conscious will question. Whether you are one or double? Then you should answer yourself.

Never cross the limit:

  • Some people always try to portages with others luxuries with selfies and enjoy the likes and comments. But it lasts short.
  • You will not face them with your real face as you created a virtual life in social media. It will create stress and anxiety in you which is UN bearable.
  • Becoming a Brand means to assert your specialty. Not to borrow others image. Whatever talent you have introduce it honestly in social dais.T he image you are expecting will reach automatically.
  • If you are nearing the social life becoming away from real life then you should be awake. Keep social apps. IF used in necessary turn off notifications.
  • Don’t access social media during office hours.
  • Know the limit to share
  • Don’t shares anything expecting likes.
  • Don’t use services which judge you on social walls
  • It is absurd to search for kick in likes and comments as they lead to diminish your self confidence.
  • Reduce the anxiety to know about others.


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