Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Grand Finale Highlights 2018

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Grand Finale Highlights 2018

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Grand Finale Highlights

The prolonged most awaited grand finale hosted by Nani stated with raising adrenaline to high on Sunday. Koushal stood as winner of the title out of 16 contestants and two wild cards entries. Show begins with Nani’s performance on his film tracks from his 10 years journey. He thanked audience for making Bigg Boss a great success. Later before going in to the house Nani speaker with family members of 5 finalists. Where they became emotional seeing their members in finals.

Later the ex-contestants Roll Rida, Bhanu, Pooja Ramachandran, Kireeti, Deepthi sunaina and Tejaswi Babbu Gogineni entered the stage performing on family party from Nani’s film. Later Nani welcomed the ex- housemates on to the stage and shared their experiences they faced after elimination. Where Amit says that outlook of the people for him outside has been changed. Nandini shared her experience as she get more film chances after her participation in Bigg Boss.

Later Nani went to house and met with the five finalists, Koushal, Tanish and Geetha, Samrat and Deepthi. The finalists get emotional seeing their family members. Later Nani launched the pro kabaddi league likely to be stating from October 7th. And he announced his next movie Jersey. Later after creating some suspense and tension Nani called out Samrat. After self-fiasco Samrat came out of the house and meets with his family. Samrat takes a look about his journey in bigg boss house. He said that he learnt responsibility and develop bonds with people. Later ex- contestants Shyamala sets the stage with her beautiful performance along with Nandini and sunaina. Later Nani asked the remaining 4 to close their eyes to create some fun and acted that as if somebody is taking one of the 4 silently. Later he asked Deepthi to leave the house. She shared her learnt in the house is to never give up.

Later Nani sent the remaining 3 contestants to different places and ask them to come soon after the buzzer and said only 2 will return. Now Geetha and Koushal are final winner and runners. Tanish is evicted. Now must see who winner and runner is.

Tanish joins Nani on stage after his tour of his av speaks about his mother. Nani joined the ex- housemates watching and reminiscing the journey in the Bigg Boss and all get overwhelmed by their journey in the throwback video became emotional. Then Nani interacted with the two remaining contestants in the house by entering in the house and he himself brought them on to the stage.

Nani distributed the 1,00,00 checks to all five final contestants sponsored by KLM fashion Mall. An av has been played where koushal and Geetha reminded their memories in house.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Final Episode Chief Guest

Now the time came to announce the winner of the house and the organizers gave a surprise by inviting Actor Venkatesh to announce the winner of the title. Venkatesh wanted to see Nani’s journey with the house as a host. At last the most awaiting time to announce the winner both Nani and Venkatesh felt exited and thereby asked bigg boss to announce the name on screen.

Winner Announcement

Bigg Boss flashed the winner name on screen and that is none other than “Koushal Manda” as crores people wished, expected, wanted and voted. Venkatesh hands over the trophy to Koushal and Nani gifts the prize money of 50,00,000 to him. Koushal payed his heartful thanks to show organizers and the people who supported him in his thick and thin, and continuously voting him.

He also thanked the ex-contestants who didn’t leave a single chance to harass him by cornering him for everything which he never commits. because of their this attitude he become more strength full as he confesses. And he also announced that he will spend the prize money on those mothers who are suffering with cancer and are not effort for medication. The show ended with Nani’s good bye.

One thing cannot understand why they invited Actor Venkatesh when he doesn’t announce the winner name.

Secondly after all the hype on Big Boss organizers and the way they conducted the show there is the doubt that may chances to be bias and show partiality. in announcing the winner, but Bigg Boss stood honest. And valued the opinion of the audience. Certainly, it gains more trust faith and popularity and people will love to watch another season and may increase TRPs for the show and ultimately for the MAA channel. Though the show should be framed in more clearly and the tasks and rules must be more accurate.

And coming to the winner of the title koushal, he is a man a real man. Though the housemates may dislike him and tried to harass him he stood like a pillar. He not only played genuinely but hundreds of time he advised the remaining housemates how to play the game. Yes, he came there fully prepared he even wanted the other contestants to play like him but none of them gave an ear to his preaching’s. They always focused on tasks and forming bonds and relations and how to corner Koushal but never on game. But audience never want bonds and emotions and relations, if they want they will watch daily soaps and films why to watch Bigg Boss house. The house mates missed the small logic. If they tried to understand what he is saying then the competition will be more and it became very tough for Koushal.

And coming to Geetha, though she stood as runner up, she never thought that messing up with fans how much it costs? challenging koushal fans became heavy on her Is her tears are for losing the title or seeing her family? And Tejaswi who lose her tongue on koushal commenting him as” he is ready to kill anybody for winning the title “what is her reaction after seeing his donation of the prize money to cancer patients? Do you have any words to say?


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