Bigg Boss 2 Telugu 14th week highlights

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu 14th week highlights

Saturdays episode highlights:

As usual Saturday episode started with a song. Nani tried his level best to entertain audience. But slowly show losing its charm as the show appears to be a planned one. lack in the neutrality.

Nani tried to resemble with fish in pond. Logic is audience are not voting to the contestants. But the point is do they really consider the audience votes? It doesn’t seems. After taking tour to the house in Fridays happenings. Where we can observe the disgusting act of Amit coughing on the cakes. Tanish and Deepthi deciding to prepare their own food and some discussion about the captaincy task and bad mouthing again koushal.

Later nani tried to interact with housemates on the happenings of the week Where he cornered Koushal for his mean cement for Roll. Nani questioned koushal how can he use such mean words for Roll where he always talks about the decency of the house Koushal’s explanation is also not reliable and up to the mark. He said sorry. Next coming to Geetha Nani tried to get clarification from her how she know that koushal appointed some people to vote him. For which her reply prooves that she already informed by some body that this type of questions will arise and she is well prepared for that. The question is when she knows this type of arrangements and somebody already approached her for that why she kept silent till now ?And revealing it now? How can we believe that she didn’t appoint anybody for herself? Now the game is coming to an end so she is trying to splash durt on koushal.

Nani also didn’t asked her to get proper answer but only to wipe the tears of koushal fans he asked that and concluded that issue without getting proper answer which clearly shows how they are head and heels involved to throw koushal from house. And for the captaincy task, the task itself is a tumbri.. big Boss framed it meaning less. And expected from housemates to understand it and play he didn’t specify any clauses and when housemates understand for their ability he is calling it disaster and koushal disaster as umpire? How is it possible and deepthi as usual throwing blame on Koushal. How can they blame koushal that he planned to ban everyone from immunity Again blaming koushal One time Bigg Boss says they can form their own rules, next moment says keeping rules the game became narrow and next claims people didn’t understand the game . Use mind while framing a game Bigg boss. Specify them how to fallow.

And coming to Deepthi Nani never questioned her for her crossing her limits and insulting the decisions and the opinions of audience and Bigg Boss. She wanted to recheck the decision of Bigg Boss and the opinion polls throw her sources. She dared to talk like that still continuing in the house. And Big Boss and Nani have no problem with that Clear proof how the show become one sided. Nani shared their happy movements when the family members met with housemates. Some housemates e appeared over dramatic like Deepthi and Geetha. Bigg Boss should take care while showing that over action and chemistry shown by Geetha and Nandu. Audience felt head ache if it continues audience may stop watching maa channel All show buzz. Audience never support this type of PDA Roll rida sister full of attitude don’t know why? and nani praising her? Tanish brother unnecessary discussion with koushal? He left it without getting proper reply? don’t know why he came and went. Don’t Bigg Boss warn such nuisance.

Koushal and Amit family bonding nice. Lastly Nani concluded the episode without revealing the names of housemates who are in safe zone saying suspense which is not necessary. Audience felt boring throughout of the episode if he reveals the names audience get some satisfaction but nani left it full in dissatisfaction. Not every time it works.



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