Bigg Boss 2 telugu 14th week elimination highlights

Bigg Boss 2 telugu 14th week elimination highlights

Sunday episode elimination highlights:

Sunday episode started with a song. Nani started the episode with a game called “Nee manchi kori”. In which housemates have to express their opinion on other housemate and can advise him same by fixing emotion cards on board. Later housemates have to guess who give what suggestion.

The game actually very perfect one if the housemates took them seriously and keep in implement. Naturally Koushal get more negative suggestions as housemates never understand him properly. More or less every housemate kept those negative cards for each other that means almost everyone have those qualities then why always they corner koushal is the question? Why this bias behavior out of jealous? Deepthi as per habit tried to give explanation without any matter with her prolonged speech boring everyone, but she is not ready to give up, Guys please send this head ache out of the house. later elimination time. Nani first declared Deepthi in safe zone fallowed by koushal and Geetha.

Nani asked the housemates that who is going from house out of Roll and AMIT. Housemates unanimously said Amit name except Roll. Nani asked Amit to pack bags declaring that roll is in safe zone.

Thanks to audience to bear him for about 99 days. Late amit talked to Samrat and Roll Later he dropped big bomb on Deepthi according to which Deepthi has to comb every ones hair for one week. Only one elimination took place as Bigg boss extended to another one week which is not necessary, unless they need more time to pave road to win Geetha the title and to send koushal out. In next days precap it clearly shows big boss shouting on koushal about the rules in the house.


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