Bigg Boss 2 telugu 13th week Saturday’s Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss 2 telugu 13th week Saturdays Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss 2 telugu 13th week Saturday’s Episode Highlights

Saturday’s Episode: 13th weekend Saturday Nani started his hosting on a joyful note with a narrate related to sleep. First he took audience to a tour of Friday’s happenings in house. Where Tanish samrat and Kaushal planning to gate crash for party. Tanish compared his life experience in the house with life in forest. Koushal guessed the percentage of elimination chances among the four nominated housemates.

Kaushal tried to explain the difference between to put effort to win and effort to sustain to Deepthi and Syamala. Kouhal questioned Deepthi and Shyamala why they didn’t tried to throw Tanish out of car they did not even put effort. Actually these are valuable suggestions how to play the game but sadly whatever Kaushal says are wrongly portrays. Don’t know how the remaining housemates will take this. It’s his strategy in playing the game whether anybody accept or not.

Later housemates watch the teaser of upcoming film cast by Tanish on the eve of Tanish birthday later he get cake and gifts from his family and Deepthi Sunaiana. Later Nani started to interact with housemates. First he reproached Tanish for his partial behaviour in games.

Next Nani questioned Deepthi why she abused Kaushal’s wife? And warned the housemates don’t abuse personal matters. Next coming to Kaushal Nani questioned him why he framed rules in ticket to finale task, because of that game became narrow and restricted where the judgement of house contestant’s behaviour became difficult in that particular task. He remarked that instead of behaving like an umpire he turn the game in to his own game. Nani praised Deepthi for her constant effort in car task and for her Pictionary.

Nani caught Geetha for the first time telling lie about her sleep-in car task. Next Nani introduces a Unique game of yes or no where housemates have to answer for the allegations of other house mates if they r not match the house mate has to smash eggs on head.

Later Nani concluded the episode without revealing the names of housemates who are in safe zone keeping the nominated contestants in suspense till tomorrow.


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