Bigg Boss 2 Telugu 12th Week Elimination Highlights

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu 12th Week Elimination Highlights

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu 12th Week Double Elimination

A lot happened in Bigg Boss 2 telugu house in 12th week much in displeasure to audience. Right from the nominations the show organizers played very mean to annoy audience. We don’t understand why they took the pain to go for voting when they already decided the winner of the house fooling audience. Why this hypocrisy that audience are the bigger boss, when the opinion of audience is not mattered to them. They throwed Nutan Naidu despite of the no. of votes he get. This made fans more annoyed. Double elimination took place in 12th week. One thing good happened in Saturdays episode, elimination of a great head ache Ganesh. He stood example for upcoming Bigg Boss seasons .They may definitely think before giving an opportunity to a common man again.

The luxury budget task which is a tumbri one, also they played game. They already selected Ganesh and Roll rida characters who are too dumbos. But portrayed that they choose the black pearl. This all game meant to pave road to win Geetha madhuri . The secret tasks given to her are too childish can anybody perform easily and through her they have succeeded to make koushal get eliminated for the remaining season. Koushal again a victim. WhY this partiality? And why the murdered people have to go under direct nomination? Again the answer is to make Geetha or Tanish to win.

Coming to Nani who claims always that he is the representative of audience and he will voice the voice of audience, what he is doing? Saving Tanish and showing favoritism to Geetha and Tanish as they are related to him in some way? Is this the way to conduct a reality show? Where is realism in this show? Everything is planned. Nani at last make koushal to confess that he is o.k. with cornering himself from others. Yes nani made him to say it himself in answering the allegations of housemates with each other. Congrats to nani. Even in his so called open letter to audience he didn’t confess his fault but tried to justify his act. Never expect this from a natural star like him. Neglecting the audience who made him a star, maybe he is digging his own pit. If the organizers don’t correct themselves and conduct the show genuinely, Star Maa channel may have to face a down fall.

Ganesh as expected dropped big bomb on Koushal, why this enmity? Why all choose him?

Nutan Naidu dropped bomb on Deepthi. All congratulated Nani for his completion of 10 years his journey in film field. Nani warned the housemates about the big bomb from big boss.


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