Bigg Boss 2 telugu 11th week Saturday’s episode highlights

Bigg Boss 2 telugu 11th week Saturday's episode highlights

Saturday episode started as usual but Nani looked little disappointed for the mishap happened in the house especially with Deepthi’s rustication from captaincy and the commotion between koushal and tanish. Nani failed as a host in today’s episode in resolving the dispute. Nani tried to shun the matter instead of solving and clarifying it.

Tanish as usual always have a tone against koushal. Whatever koushal suggest he feels like it bossism and ready to fight with him with no reason with the support of other housemates like Geetha and samrat. He looses his logic and raises his tone to defend himself even though both audience and big boss know the truth. It shows his insecurities of winning chances of the bigg boss house. It looks wonder when Deepthi also stay quite when koushal fought for her captaincy.

Nani genuinely felt bad for Deepthi and said he personally requested for Deepthi to Bigg Boss. Geetha’s complaint about koushal for his continuous suggestions and she is loosing her patience. Nani reproached her for her behaviour in lighter way and her attitude not at all looks serious in the house. Nani described the Bigg Boss house as a lab where in tight situations how people will react and face relations and how audience will judge for their original nature is the format of the house.

Nani clarified that in the Big Boss house giving stress and influencing also part of game for each other and housemates have to play without going under stress and influence. And coming to Ganesh who is the main reason for all mishap in house stood aside as if it is not related to him. Didn’t showed minimum concern towards Deepthi. Don’t know how long we have to bear this inefficiency machine. Don’t know who are voting him even after he claimed himself that he is not the representative for common man. Nani clarified him that if he is among one of the celebrities audience would have sent him long before.

Next nani played some question game about the housemates where housemates have to give answers in yes or no. Nothing much happened in Saturdays episode as most of the time went in taking clarifications and explanations from housemates. And in callers time Koushal fan Shekar from Hyderabad talked to him and gave more information about the craze in audience and Koushal army. Koushal promised him he will play in full concentration and dedicatedly without being influenced by anyone.

Today nani didn’t revealed the names of those who are in safe zone keeping the suspense for tomorrow.


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