Bigg Boss 2 telugu 11th week elimination highlights

Bigg Boss 2 telugu 11th week elimination highlights

Sunday episode started in house instead of stage where housemates are waiting in door way for someone as they are informed previously. For their much surprise Nani entered in to the house on the eve of Rakhsabandhan and took audience also in to the house. All welcomed him whole heartedly.

He informed the housemates about the Rakhsa bandhan and wished them all. Later her took a tour of the house later they settled in the garden area. Bigg Boss welcomed Nani in to the house. Later all girl contestants tied rakhi to nani and get gifts from him.

Next Nani along with all contestants again requested to Bigg Boss for Deepthiā€™s captaincy to give her one more chance. And got granted to much pleasure to all. First nana disclosed the tragic floods of kerala and how kerala get help from all sides.

Later Nani gave the wishes and gifts from the family members to the housemates. Samrat family waned to donate 1,00000 Rs/ to Keral relief fund, which Samrat won in the perfect handsome guy contest.

Nani played with the housemates some mime slide show all enjoyed well. Geetha tied Rakhi to Samrat. Nani brought food from his house for housemates. All enjoyed the feast which served by Nani himself.

Next Nani talked to housemates as simple nana not the host of Bigg Boss and the representative of Bigg Boss he wants to share his views and opinion on housemates as Nani. Next coming to elimination even though it is a festival day and special, but rule is rule one of the contestants must get eliminated.

First Nani declared Koushal and Tanish in protected zone later asked Pooja to pack bags saying Depthi in safe zone.

Puja dropped the big bomb on Geetha. According to bomb Geetha has to sleep in jail in nights for one week.


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