Bigg Boss 2 Telugu 10th week highlights/Elimination

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu 10th week highlights/Elimination

Saturday’s episode started with a performance on “what is this vankaya pulusu naa life tussu”. Nani entered with same grace all set to interact with housemates and to entertain the audience. He took audience to the house  to give a tour of Friday happenings. In Friday housemates performed task of most handsome man in the house sponsored by fair and handsome laser 12 judged by lady housemates in which Samrat win the title.

Next started interaction with housemates paying tributes to former prime minister vazpayeji. Then housemates especially koushal asked about Nutan Naidu to Nani to which Nani said Nutan Naidu has been advised to take 2 days complete bed rest and rest is in Bigg boss hands whether he re- joins the house or not.

Next Nani praised the housemates for their independence day skit and gave congratulations especially to Geetha as Bharat mata and Deepthi sunaina’s performance in the play. Then Nani congratulated housemates for the call centre task saying that some performed well gaining the opportunity and some missed the chance.

Next Nani congratulated the new captain Roll rida. Next Nani reproached the ex-captain Tanish for his dissatisfactory performance as a captain and he stood example for bad captaincy. And then praised for his stand for nominations but asked explanation why he stood out in sunaina’s nomination case. Then Nani decided to play rapid fire gamed with tanish.

Next comes to Rollrida praising for his call centre performance. Where he warned the housemates don’t question big boss for the game rules. Nani warned the housemates don’t take roll rida easy. Roll rida Utilized the chance to self-nominate for Ganesh. Next coming to koushal Nani praised him for his patience in call centre task. housemates agreed him as best player for his outstanding talent changing situations to his convenience.

But Nani reproached Koushal for his statement for tasks about Roll rida calling him  as cheater. How far it is realible. Koushal apologized to Roll. And Nani asked koushal how can he say housemates are cornering him? Even after 10 weeks also he is again complaining, advised him to take one more steps towards housemates  to erase the line between the housemates and koushal. Said koushal to show some initiative in approach to fill the block and gapes. Samrat called himself hot in rapid fire.

Amit appeared relaxed because of two weeks extension from elimination by Kamal hasan. Nani advised him don’t loose his natural game and show some better ment next onwards. Ganesh not in elimination is a medical miracle. He himself declared that he is not the representative for common man. Coming to Deepthi Sunaina Nani reproached her for her performance in call centre with her un parliamentary behaviour.  Next coming to caller time Shruthi from Nellore wants to talk to Tanish. She warned him not to get influenced by Geetha. Next most awaiting part of protected zone. Nani first declared shyamala in protected zone. next person is Geetha in safe zone. Out of remaining three [ roll rida. Puja and deepthi sunaina] who will be eliminated tomorrow?

Sunday the Elimination day Highlights

Sunday episode started with song ‘Distrub chestha” today nani started the episode with Geetha and Govind love story introducing the film crew ‘’ GEETHA Govindam” the film star Dewarakonda Vijay, and the movie director Parasu Ram.

Today they want to play with Deepthi sunaina who is a big fan to vijay. The game is the trio get in contact with Deepthi sunaina by blue tooth and make her to do as per their direction confusing the housemates Half of the episode went in this only. Next Vijay tried to interact with the housemates. Fallowed by the dance for song “Inkeminkem Kavaale” from Geetha Govindam. Next comes to elimination time to which housemates wondered as they thought there will not be elimination today because one of the nominated candidate Nutan naidu got injured and sent out of the house.

But Nani said 10 crore votes have been polled so there should be elimination.  first Nani declared Roll rida in safe zone. Later out of two Nani asked Deepthi sunaina to pack bags saying puja in safe zone. After Sunaina’s AV  Sunaina wanted to talk to Tanish and Samrat and Geetha. she dropped big bomb on Tanish. According to it Tanish has to take a dip in swimming pool soon after waking up and perform the wake-up song in pool.


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