Beat Cancer with Food Weapon

Beat Cancer with Food Weapon

Beat Cancer with Food Weapon

Cancer is as mightier as anything. Will not leave till Death. So only we developed powerful weapons like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries to beat it. We now reached to a stage where we can stop cancers with targeted therapies. While celebrating this victory are, we neglecting the vital points which encourage spreading cancers? In one way it is correct. According to surveys more than half of the cancers can be cured even though there are increasing in the cases. By inculcating some changes in our life style and food habits we can avoid many kinds of cancers to some extent. About 30% of cancers are related to the food and nutrients we take.

What should we eat? And Why should we eat?

Food materials help in avoiding Cancer both directly and indirectly. The surveys revealing that different types of coloured vegetables and fruits whole cereals and beans contains cancer resistant minerals, vitamins and plant chemicals. They protect directly from cancers through controlling obesity and help in controlling cancers. If fat content increases in body there is a danger of 12 types of cancers attack to various organs in body like oesophagus, liver, stomach and colon etc. The calories are less in fruits and vegetables. And fibre is plenty in whole cereals, and beans. They help in keeping wright under control and there by helping indirectly.

We daily took different food and drinks. items the calories obtained from these items will mix up with the oxygen and release energy which needed to the body. IN this process some free radicles also release and move freely damaging our cells and DNA and help to increase the danger of cancers and heart diseases. Flavonoids and carotenoids vitamin C, and vitamin E help to destroy these free radicals. So, we should know that how and where these are available and what are the benefits.

Astanzanthin: It eradicated the free radicles and controls them and helps vitamin C, E to work effectively. It obtains in fish like Salman’s and trout and in green algae.

Lycopene: It is present plenty in Tomatoes, in water melon, khubaani and in red guava and helps in restrict the free radicles and cancer cells works more efficient than Alpha, beta carotenes.

Lutin: It is plenty in leafy vegetables and fruits and good coloured maze,peas,and in yellow yolk of eggs53%ofb. Breast cancer danger is controlled by these foods.
Alpha, Beta carotenoids: plenty in carrots. And in pumpkins. Beta carotenes are plenty in oranges and leafy vegetables. Beta carotenes metamorphism in to vitamin A in our body. It helps to avoid formation of tumours in lungs ,liver,colon,and in skin.

Beta kryptoxanthin: In whole wheat, oranges, papaya mango, melons, red capsicum. Eradicate free radicles and restrict release of enzymes causing cancers.

Phytoestrogen: Presents in soya beans, and soya products and works like oestrogen
Will destroy cancer cells by themselves and helps to prevent? breast, prostrate, endometrial, thyroid skin and anal cancers.

Isothiocynites: Presents in plant chemicals includes sulphur, broccoli cauliflower, cabbage. And protecting from lungs, breast liver and esophagus, and intestinal cancers.

Omega3fatty acids: Our body cannot produce these omega3fatty acids, so we should take them through food They are plenty in Almonds, accroots and other seeds and in fish.
According to a survey we should take 400gms of vegetables every day. Out of it 150 gms of fruits and 250gms of vegetables. By this we can protect ourselves from extra wright and obesity and can get good health.

We should avoid use oil that is boiled repeatedly as it changes the chemicals in it and became carcinogenic leading to different cancers. And over baked and burn food also causes cancers.


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