A recent survey on world wide disease intensity

A recent survey on world wide disease intensity

Health: Heart diseases, Paralysis and respiratory disorders stood in first 3 places which stood main problem in blocking of our life span from the lost few decades. They should continue in the places by the end of 2040 according to a resent survey.The long run respiratory disorder which is in 9tj place may reach to 4th place .and the long run kidney problems may reach to 5th from 16th and Algiers which is now in 28 may attain 6th and Diabetes for 7th from 15.The life span of people in Asian countries may rise to 80 years. But it may rain 70 in lifestyle disorder patient.

The survey totally declared that the lifestyle disorders becoming alarming dangers according to the survey of The LANCET medical journal. Main reasons for the lifestyle problems are Obesity, Smoking, Alcohol, Mental stress, Irregular food habits, lack of Physical exercise, Atmosphere pollution.

The study details:

The information gathered about different points based on health between 1990-2016
The study conducted summarizing the world health situations about 25 years and to 2017 to 2040.

  • They took under consideration about 195 countries health issues.
  • They recognized about 250 types of reasons which are leading to years of life lost. Out of them 36 are spreading very fastly.

The objects on which the government has to focus:

Should develop long-run plans to create understanding ,control ,curing and treatments on life style problems. Should arrange infrastructure and human resources in all government hospitals for these lifestyle diseases. Should be focused from now on future needs to fight against these long term diseases in coming 22 years.


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