5 Health Resolutions for the New Year

5 Heart Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

Are you in the spree of new year resolutions?

Another new year in a few days’ New year, new enthusiasm, a good opportunity to start a new life.

So many of you may already took some resolutions for the coming new year.
Like some decides to quit smoking, and some others alcohol, etc… we hear frequently, It’s good to take resolutions, Whatever be your resolution along with it WHO (World health organization) advising to take resolution of taking a nutritious diet everyday. By this you may get strong foundation to your good health right from 2019 For this the organization prescribed 5 easy principles which can be fallowed by us.

Food is the base:

The food we eat, and drink are very crucial for our health. We should not forget that the resistance to diseases, and to get strength to fight with microbes, and for keep away different diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, and cancers, everything is related to the food we take. By fallowing these principles people can own good health irrespective of age and place world wide. So, this organization is stressing that these new year’s spree is best suitable fir the resolutions.

Below are the 5 principles:

1. Come let us eat different foods:

Our body is a very complicated system. It is a mistake if you think only one type of food is enough for our body. Leaving the breast milk for infants, it is our illusion that all nutrients which needed to the growing body will attain through it. To be strong we must get fresh and different nutritious food.

  • The food we take daily should contain wheat, rice or jowar along with some beans, beets, lentils, legumes, vegetables, fruits and animal products (fish, egg, meat, milk) etc.
  • See that to prefer raw rice, raw jowar, millet’s, oats and raw wheat which contains lot of fibre are good to eat.
  • Boiled food is best than fried ones.

2. Less consumption of salt:

Salt is the main damager for health by increasing blood pressure which leads to heart diseases. WHO stating that every day people are consuming more than 5 grams of salt every day. Even when we less the salt content in our cooking, but in outside food items and drinks contain more salt.

  • Use less salt in cooking, and avoid saus, other souses, and spices, pickles, papads.
  • Remove salt tin from the dining table. Initially we face some difficult but eventually our taste. Buds gets accustomed to less salt. Then we can enjoy salt less food.

3. Reduce fats and oils:

The good we take should certainly contain certain amount of oil. But consuming extensive oils and fats may lead to obesity and heart diseases’ trans fats produced by industries’ is more dangerous to health. The chances od heart diseases may increase by 30% if we consume food contains trans fats.

  • It is better to use soa, canola jowar, Kusuma sunflower oils instead of butter and ghee.
  • Consume white meat like chicken, and fish rather than red meat.
  • Should not consume pasteurized meat.

4. Sweet is also becomes bitter if you consume extensively:

By consuming sweets extensively causes tooth decay and obesity gaining extra wait. Like salt sugar also lies in good materials in evidently. We should be more aware of it. For e.g. in one cool drink it contains almost 10 spoons of sugar.

  • And should consume sweets and sugar drinks, cool drinks sodas, flavored milks very less. To be strictly speak it is better to avoid them completely.
  • Avoid giving sweets to children Especially for children below 2 years avoid salt and sugar containing foods. If necessary provide very less quantity.
  • See the tins before purchase, and choose less sugar, sodium containing products.

5. No secure level for alcohol:

Alcohol is not at all the part of our food. Consuming excessive alcohol may lead to liver damage, cancer heart diseases, and mental disorders. As there is no safe level for alcohol even consuming a single peg is dangerous to health.

Even though the medical studies stating that consuming a little alcohol is good, but it is best if you avoid it completely. This who are suffering with diseases, and pregnant women, and lactating mothers should completely avoid alcohol.

If you are already habituated, you may get medical help to get rid of this habit.


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